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Fashion TOTE Quality Ladies Large BLACK Handbags Bag Size Bow Patent Designer 0355 LeahWard® Shoulder Getting Off Right is a straightforward, easy-to-read how-to survival guide for injection drug users. It is a compilation of medical facts, injection techniques, junky wisdom and common sense strategies to keep users and their communities healthier and safer. The Safety Manual was written in collaboration by drug users and services providers.


Safer Injection Outreach Brochures

These 3-fold brochures were created specifically for syringe access programs and other providers working with injectors to easily copy and distribute. Click on the titles to download a PDF.

If the shot hurts…pull out! Avoiding Arteries and Nerves When You Want a Vein

En Español: Si Te Duele al Puyarte…Sacate La Jeringuilla! Evitando Arterias y Nervios Cuando Quires Una Vena

Taking Care of Your Veins…Rotate your shot!

 En Español: Cuidandote Las Venas…Los Puntos Toman TurnosCrossbody Chain Shoulder for Messenger Bag Bag Woman Bags Red Classic Stone Small Pattern Leather Gray Bag Handbag qPxPFE8wB!

Think About How You Inject…Think Sink! Think Light!

 En Español: Piensa Acerca de Como Inyectarte…Con Luz y un Lavamanos tienes mejor impacto!

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LeahWard® BLACK Bag Handbags Bow Size Fashion Quality Shoulder Large 0355 Patent Designer Ladies TOTE  

Patent Quality Size Large LeahWard® Bow Designer Handbags BLACK Bag Shoulder Fashion TOTE Ladies 0355 wT4Tf0q
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